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Family exchange

The ultimate way of learing from other people is by sharing family experiences - family exchanges. The students taking part in this project will therefore be encouraged to live with a family of different ethnic background for a short period of time and to discuss themes of universal interest: love, religion, hospitality and death. These conversations shall be recorded by use of state-of-the-art 3 G mobile phone technology and documented through talks, pictures and videos. Assisted by local contemporary artists, the students will transform his/hers pictures and videos into artistic expressions to be used in a contemporary art exhibition describing the students´perception and view of  how "the other" relate to these universal issues.

The student can also write an essay to express what it was like to live in a culturally different family or make personal sketches and drawings to pass on similarities/ differences between "us" and "them".

Related to Norway this social experiment  means that one "ethnic" Norwegian will stay with an immigrant family from e.g. Morocco or Iran; in Slovenia a Slovene student lives with a gypsy family or a Bosnian one; in Portugal a Portuguese student "invade" the home of a Cape Verdian family - and vica versa.

Preferably this exchange should take place among students at the same school or in the same school district. That will overcome the problems of logistics, and also expose the students to the problem of xenophobia in their home environment.
This social experiment is sometimes called "social intervention" or "social plastic". It is meant to give the students as well as his/her "new" family new insight and "under the skin" - experiences of people of a different ethnic background.


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Hey i stumbled on ur web site and im happy i did :) im a student in community welfar and we are doing cultral diversity. I have had some experance with diffrent culture and love it. Im looking for information on when indians 1st came to aust? iv been looking all morningand comming up with ablank. also are u guys and gals from Aust or based some were else? it would be handy to have this information on the program to teach ppl about diffrent cultres and migration.Could Tafe and other orginsatoins use the basic informaton you have for training perpouses? Im 23 and help alot of ppl. I was in india 2005- 2006 on missoin work and i loved it. we seen it all and wer not shelted from the culture which i must admitt i feel in love with. i would love to find out more on ur site if able. sorry for the bad spelling and chat soon


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